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Huffington Post Taste features 25 grilled cheese recipes, culled from restaurants, cooking blogs and cookbooks:

In terms of comfort food, grilled cheese is the comfiest. Not only does it evoke memories of childhood dinners, it also makes for the perfect winter meal when paired with hot soup.

As much as we adore and often crave the American cheese rendition of these beloved sandwiches, trying out different cheeses and add-ons is always a rewarding experience. We piled dill pickles, tomatoes and deli meats on our grilled cheese as kids, but are ready to explore some more new toppings.

Here are 25 of the gooiest, tastiest grilled cheese recipes we could wrangle up.

Check out all the recipes here.

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So I started with 

2 big ass slices of cheese pizza  and

4 tacos al pastor (spiced grilled pork w/pineapple and onions)

Dump the filling from 2 tacos onto each slice of pizza

add extra stuff and salsa

use folding technique to pick up and eat